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Single doors from Norwich Windows and Conservatories Ltd tailored to your exact requirements
Available in a wide selection of styles and woodgrain coloured foils, all our double or triple glazed single doors have safety glass, which in addition to the Yale multi-point locking systems, gives you peace of mind when it comes to security.

In addition to all important security, up to Secure By Design level, all single doors can be colour matched to your windows and boast qualities such as low maintenance and ease of cleaning.

Various Designs and Styles

Designs available range from the conventional UPVC single door with or without a midrail and these can incorporate a selection of glass or panel designs to enhance the look.

With the huge range on offer, you will be spoilt for choice. Combinations available include patterned glass, decorative panels for either half or the whole door. Other options to consider are letter plate, knocker or spyhole.

Elegant and Practical

French or Double doors can be a very dramatic addition to your home. Simply, throw open your doors to let the outside, inside. Making your living space airy and appear so much larger. Importantly, although a greater opening area is achieved, security is still assured.

If you have old timber or metal French doors, you may want to consider replacing these with the modern alternative of double glazed UPVC french doors.

So what are the benefits of having french doors?

For starters they offer high security which comes in the form of a multi-point locking system - on both the primary and slave doors.

All doors can also be matched to the design of your existing windows and are available with or without side panels. They also promise to offer minimal maintenance and ease of cleaning.

A smooth, stylish operator

Patio sliding doors have always been a popular choice amongst consumers, and it's easy to see why. With their smooth sliding operating system, opening and closing of the door panes is effortless, while its stylish looks stay looking good for longer.

Standard Features

'Choices' UPVC patio doors look great and are compatible with all of our ranges. They slide open and close effortlessly, they are available as two, three or four panels and featuring toughened safety glass as standard.

Available in a range of colours including Light Oak, Mahogany or Cherry woodgrains, the stainless steel lock hooks and keeps guarantees a high grade locking system. In addition, anti-lift blocks help prevent the door from being lifted out of its frame by working as a secure unit.

Standard Specification

Door Sizes - Maximum

2 Pane: 3000mm width x 2300mm height

3 Pane: 4200mm x 2300mm height

4 Pane: 5800mm x 2300mm

20mm Low Aluminium Threshold

NB: The height of the sash must not be more than 2.5 times larger than the width e.g. Frame height 2090mm means minimum frame width of 1600mm

PremiLine PRO PAS 24 Upgrade

'Lifetime Homes' and 'Document Q' Compliant (2 and 3 pane doors only)

PAS 24 test data based on 2 pane patio door at 2450mm wide x 1160mm high


  • A. Shootbolt keep with nightvent facility
  • B. Shootbolt
  • C. Top rail ‘dog bolt’ keep
  • D. Top rail ‘dog bolt’
  • E. Interlock handle - White, Black, Chrome
  • F. Interlock hook bolts (x3)
  • G. Interlock keeps (x3)
  • H. Sash hook locks (x8)
  • I. 6.8mm laminate / argon / 4mm toughened

Premiline PRO

Innovative hidden locking system with interlock handle eliminates the need for any unsightly plunge bolts.

Open the door to more choice with Norwich Windows and Conservatories Ltd

Combining tried and tested Scandinavian technology alongside british styling, 'Choices' Scotdoor Timber Entrance Doors offer a high level of protection against forced entry and are supplied fully assembled which includes the door, the frame, glazing, handles and the locks.

Providing a high level energy efficiency, our timber Scotdoor Range features a bonded ‘sandwich’ construction with an effective moisture barrier included which is achieved via aluminium plates which are used in construction.

In addition, 'Choices' Scotdoor Timber Entrance Doors can either be hung to the left or the right and additional security features can be added, such as a three point locking system, security glazing and security handle: all of which are ideal for giving you extra peace of mind in your home.

The 'Choices' Scotdoor provides ideal weather protection

Our fully assembled door sets perform exceptionally well against the weather, providing superb protection from the elements and are available as inward opening as standard, although you can also opt for an outward opening entrance door.

Some Examples

Make an grand entrance with the 'Choices' timber door range

'Choices' range of high performance timber doors are designed and manufactured to a high standard and are supplied ready assembled – which includes locks, handles, glazing, frame and door/s.

Supplied double or triple glazed, 'Choices' timber doors with a high level of security. Additional components can be added to the timber doors which include security glazing, security hinges, concealed shotbolts to the slave leaf or concealed multi-point espagnolette with dead bolt.

Double or triple glazed options from Norwich Windows and Conservatories Ltd available

'Choices' timber doors are treated with an organic preservative once all machine work has been completed. This helps to ensure that all faces of the doors are completely protected.

All of the coatings used to give protection are water based which makes them environmentally friendly. Once a basecoat has been added, an end grain sealer is applied to all components. If opaque colours are used for the door colour, then a stain blocking primer is included in the colour used.

Specification - Single and Double Timber Doorsets

Stable Doors – something versatile and practical

'Choices' Stable doors from Norwich Windows and Conservatories Ltd offer a great solution for letting in fresh air whilst keeping small children and animals where you want them.

The top part of the door can independently open whilst leaving the bottom section closed.

Combining traditional looks and operation

With high energy performance and multi-point locking security as standard, ‘Choices’ UPVC and Composite stable doors are a truly versatile door option.

Stable doors from Norwich Windows and Conservatories Ltd are low maintenance and available in profile designs and colours to match you're the 'Choices' window range. Select from a wide range of panel and decorative glass designs to create the perfect look to suit your requirements.

Widely admired, durable doors with undeniable style

Solidor range of timber composite doors are widely admired for their stunning design, and unparalleled security. Available with optional side panels and even in a french door combination or both. Each Composite door is fitted with a high security locking with a solid timber core, which provides excellent security, thermal properties and acoustic performance.

Door Minimum Width 843mm - Maximum Width 1013mm

The Italia range and Flint doors with single cassettes can be narrower

Std PVCU Threshold: Min 1953mm / Max 2163mm
Low PVCU Threshold: Min 1939mm / Max 2159mm
Mobility Threshold: Min 1918mm / Max 2128mm
Side Screen: Min 403mm / Max 563mm
Flint & Thornbury Sidepanels: Min 350mm / Max 1000mm

Part M Compliant over 945mm wide with mobility threshold

Solidor French Doors

Solidor Stable Door

Multifolding doors transform your environment in an Instant

‘Choices’ Multifolding Doors are highly functional, innovative and attractive doors, made to suit almost any aperture. With the door leafs fully open the make a room look larger by instantly creating a clear opening.

Maximum Clear Openings

The "Imagine" is a new concept in PVCU Bi Folding Doors, combining the rigidity of Aluminium and the natural aesthetics and beauty of traditional timber. Its attention to detail in design, security and thermal performance all combine to make it a truly innovative way to transform any room.

All door leaves fold flat to the inside or the outside of the opening providing maximum clear opening space. It's easy to see why property owners are impressed by the traditional looks of 'Choices' PVCU Imagine Bi Folding Doors.

It really is the perfect addition to any home to help divide a room, open up onto a terrace or conservatory - or for simply enjoying panoramic views.

The unique design means there is no requirement for a floating mullion on double doors and with flush fitting sashes on open out doors, improved appearance and slimmer sightlines are assured.

All ‘Imagine’ doors are available with midrail and 20mm astragal bar options, as open in or open out with full glass or half glazed mid rail designs.

Standard Specification

Features and Benefits

Sleek design and low maintenance

Tailor made to your exacting requirements, all our aluminium single and french doors are double glazed and low maintenance.Safe, secure and stylish, Aluminium Residential Doors are tailor made to be versatile for a front or back door, designed to fit seamlessly with your property.

Introducing our standard aluminium door, the Optio '58BD Entrance'

Interlock Detail

Design Features

  • Single or Double doors
  • Open in or out
  • Multipoint locking mechanism
  • Designed to incorporate standard and high security hardware using the same prep detail
  • Cloaking feature conceals lock and prevents any access to locking points
  • Glazing 28mm
  • Low threshold for Part M available
  • ‘U’ value 1.7Wm2K
Cill Detail

Design Features

  • Glazing to 36mm
  • 58mm or 70mm frame depth to accommodate varying types of application
  • Low threshold option for Part M
  • A range of single or dual colour
  • PAS 24 / Doc Q

Open up your home - instantly

Versatile and practical, aluminium multifolding doors, often referred to as bi-folding doors are manufactured to meet your requirements.

Openings of up to six metres can be achieved in an instant allowing the outside to become integrated with the inside.

Flexible Living Spaces

Giving you added flexibility to your living space, aluminium multifolding doors can be used either internally or externally. However, the most popular usage is as a wall separating a room from the garden.

The Standard 'Choices' Aluminium Bi-fold door is the Optio BSF70

Interlock Detail

Design Features

  • Internally beaded with a softline sash
  • Stainless Steel Wheels
  • Unique flush line pop up handle
  • Magnetic catch for prime/slave leaf
  • All configurations open in and open out


  • Low Threshold (no weather rating)
  • A range of RAL single or dual colour
  • PAS 24/Doc Q
Cill Detail

Design Features

  • Thermally broken aluminium sections
  • 28mm sealed unit
  • Black or White lever/lever prime handles
  • Black or White internal pop-out handles
  • 'U' value 1.7Wm2K


  • Mechanically jointed outer frame
  • 'U' Value 1.5Wm2K with triple glazing
  • Brushed chrome prime handles

Looking for the door of your Dreams? Use our Door Designer to design and build your dream door now.

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